Lakota Launches Support for European Dactyloscopy System (EURODAC)

We are excited to announce that Lakota’s software products, Ani and Whorl, can now support creating, editing, and validating biometric files for compliance with the European Dactyloscopy System (EURODAC) specification. Launched in 2003, EURODAC stores and processes digital fingerprint records of asylum seekers who have entered a European country (31 countries in total: 27 EU Member States and 4 Associated Countries, including Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein). “National asylum authorities use Eurodac to store new fingerprints and compare existing records on asylum seekers. Law enforcement authorities and Europol can access the system – under strict conditions –to prevent, detect and investigate terrorist and other serious criminal (offenses).”

This system is one of the many other IT-related systems comprising the EU-LISA program. Here is a quick link to the EU-LISA website referencing the information quoted above, along with statistics and regulations for EURODAC.

To learn more about the history of the EURODAC system, check out this article from Thales.

Our products also support other international electronic biometric transmission specifications (EBTS), such as Interpol and the NATO STANAG 4715, with the latter providing a standard for NATO nations to share biometric data more securely.

By supporting the European Dactyloscopy System (EURODAC), Lakota continues to evolve its products to stay at the forefront of the biometrics industry. We aim to provide bespoke solutions that any domestic or international agency can use in their everyday enrollment and identification processes. As we implement support for the multitude of NIST-based biometric specifications and standards, we continue to strengthen our knowledge of biometric systems across the globe. This allows us to remain a prominent partner for many other biometric hardware and software companies, federal & state/local law enforcement agencies, and any other entity needing to build and operate biometric systems.

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